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The Truth About...

As part of the last days scenario, the body of Christ has been inundated with a myriad of traditions, speculations and false truths that have "tickled their ears", causing a hindrance to an in-depth understanding of scripture and scriptural principles.  This can severely limit a Christian’s intent on walking upright before the Lord and detract from his ability to be a relevant example for others.

This page is dedicated to reveal the truth about certain topics and to include nuances that are often overlooked.  While these abbreviated summaries are not intended to be exhaustive, they highlight truths with important, validating scriptures.  The interested reader can then run with the basics, "peeling the onion", and become more intimately familiar with the subject.

The format is such that could be used to teach in various settings, including home groups, Bible studies, and even a simple one-on-one or small group discipleship environment.  


Each link will open a PDF document in a new window.  You will need a PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader to view these files.

Abortion Isolation Temple
All Things Work Jezebel Test for Covenant Keeping
Anger Justice Test for Mammon
Anointing Kingdom Test for True Repentance
Authority Leavens the Whole Lump Test for Unforgiveness
Baptism of the Holy Spirit Lord Over Test for Witchcraft
Become What You Worship Love Your Brother Test to See if You Love God
Big is Better Loving God Testing
Change Lukewarm The Church
Church Discipline Mammon The Last Days
Covenant Man Pleasing Tithing
Covering Marriage To Obey is Better Than Sacrifice
Covering a Multitude of Sins Meditate Traditions
Curses Money Trinity
Deacons Narrow Way Unforgiveness
Deception New Creature Unity
Deliverance Not Against Flesh and Blood Virgin Birth
Despising Prophecy Not of This World Wait Upon
Disciplining Children Obedience Warfare
Divorce Open Doors Water Baptism
Effective Prayer Opposing God Widows
Elders Persecution Wise as Serpents
Equipping/Perfecting Perversion Witness
Faith Power Women
Faith Without Works Prayers Not Heard Works
Fatherhood Prophecy Worship
Fear Purpose Love Covers a Multitude of Sins
Five-fold Ministry Real Israel Fear - The Devils Favorite Tool
Follow/Follower Repentance Parents Questionnaire
Forgiveness Restitution God's Healing Grace
Freedom Return Evil for Good Considering Engagement
Friend Schemes Test To See How Free You Are
Fruits in Keeping with Re... Self Preservation
God's Anointed Sex
Grace Sheep
Healing Shepherds
Hireling Spiritual Adultery
Honor Spiritual Witchcraft
Honor Your Father & Mother Stealing
Hopelessness Stewardship
Humility Submission
Immorality Taxes
In the Name




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