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Personal Ministry

Personal Ministry is the name given to the ministry we have that most know as deliverance and inner healing.  However, this ministry is intensive and is a thorough look at one’s whole life from the womb to the present.  

The intent is to expose any schemes (Ephesians 5:13) that the devil has perpetrated to hinder the person from walking fully in the purpose God ordained for him before the foundation of the earth (Ephesians 2:10). Once identified, these schemes are eliminated through:  repentance; forgiveness; dealing with any soul ties, judgments, rash vows and word curses; breaking ancestral iniquities and curses; inner healing prayers; and addressing any areas of demonic control.  

Once freedom is attained, a walk in the newly found freedom is monitored to assure the individual can handle any future attack, whereby the enemy tries to come back (Luke 4:13).  In addition, all those who have been ministered to are encouraged to learn how to do this type of ministry, so they, in turn, can help others get free (2 Corinthians 1:4-5).  People from other churches in San Antonio and other cities come to be ministered to.  This is also a refuge where elders and fivefold ministers can receive ministry from the pastor and elders, who will personally take time for these servants of God.

Interested in Having Personal Ministry?

One of the prerequisites to Personal Ministry is to listen to the following audio series. If you are interested in having Personal Ministry, contact the church office to learn about the entire process.

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Why Personal Ministry? - Bruce Gunkle

  Download mp3
Forgiveness - Bruce Gunkle

  Download mp3
Curses - Bruce Gunkle

  Download mp3
Judging Your Brother - Bruce Gunkle

  Download mp3
Honor Your Father and Mother - Bruce Gunkle

  Download mp3
The Scheme To Steal Your Inheritance (Spiritual Illegitimacy) - Bruce Gunkle

  Download mp3
Water Baptism (Spiritual Circumcision) - Bruce Gunkle


The following audio is recommended for anyone who is married or may get married in the future.

The Sanctity of Marriage Vows - Bruce Gunkle




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